By RobNegus

No.197: Time

It's funny how this particular moment in the year seems to be one where time is often considered more frequently. Time to start something, time for a new beginning, time to make a mends or build a bridge or two.

Maybe it's the unity of sharing the same moment with so many people, starting a new page in a brand new diary, that break from the usual drone like working habits or just the date 01/01 which gives the somewhat false feeling of freshness.

We are still who we were, we have still the same thoughts, fears, emotions and problems as one day ago; and yet today we feel obliged to find new positive energy and we comply with the ritual.

My question today is this: What's wrong with the other three hundred and sixty odd midnights and fresh mornings, why the 1st of the 1st. If we find this extra energy from within for this single and particular sun set and rise would it be implausible to treat each and every new day with this same fresh start of extra motivation and drive.

Canon 6d, Tamron 24-70mm @70mm, ISO 100, 1/100sec, f16, with on camera flash & diffuser

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