Happy New Year.....

.... from the Hingley's plus one (Claire). Pull a funny face they said, fun it will be, my mum thought otherwise ;)

I must be getting old because for the first time since I was about fifteen I remained sober for the whole of New Years Eve shenanigans.

Last night Claire and I went to the cinema, out for a lovely meal, visited my folks then went round my mates house to see the clock strike 00:00.

Because I didn't drink I woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed, so what else to do on New Years day??? Yes you guessed it we went and worked on our house renovation, we really have the urge to get it ready as soon as possible to move in. 

We had the bonus of my old man turning up too to help out, it may have been because the weather was rubbish and he couldn't get out on his bike but either way an extra pair of hands is always welcome. I fitted skirting boards, Claire started filling the kitchen cupboards and my dad painted the landing and stairway.

We later went round my parents house for dinner and finally caught up with my sister who I've not seen in months as she's been in Kenya and only returned just after Christmas.

A productive and good start to 2017.


Mr Bo Hingles

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