Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Fashions change ...

...In wine-glasses as in everything, I suppose. But first a note of context: we rarely have pudding wine, even more rarely than we have pudding. But it's still Christmas, and we're still enjoying the last of my second Christmas pud, the first having been shared with family and the second last night with friends, along with said pudding wine. That's what's in the small glass on the right. The stem-less glass on the left is one of the pair we tend to drink our wine from when we're on our own; they're lovely to drink from and a great deal harder to knock over.

But the small glass is a survivor of a dozen - it may even have been 13 - that we were given as a wedding present. The person who gave them - the mother of a friend - told me that I was to choose a style of glass I liked from the selection in her own glass cabinet, and this tulip shape seemed to me elegant and different from the restaurant standard wine goblet of the day. We drank wine, on the relatively few occasions we had any, from these glasses for many years, and all but one survived two flittings. (Auto-correct doesn't like that word!) Now they seem so small, so light - so strange.

And yes, I don't actually think wine tastes the same when it's drunk from a small glass, just as I don't care for it from a straight-sided tumbler. (We won't talk about plastic here). A smallish quantity in a large glass seems the optimum combination, even if fashion plays a large part.

Have you ever noticed the brimming glasses of wine randomly knocked back by characters in East Enders?

Extra photo was taken today at Toward Sailing Club (the wee boat full of flowers is a sort of signpost). It's a sign that we had our first walk in a week ...

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