Leave the Real One Far Behind

And so it came to pass that all things Christmas had to be removed from the living area. 

I was quite fond of the tree, and I really wish It had roots, and I would have dug a hole for it (not in the allotment mind). 

As it is, he is standing outside, in his watering pot, secured the edge of the garden with a bench and another pot.   He's sitting next to the tree from 2002 (I think, that is a guess)... He did have roots and he was planted in various pots around the garden before we stuck him in the ground 6 years ago.  

He didn't grow much and we thought he was about to keel, but  then in the last two years he has taken a spurt.  I'm kind of the opinion that if I sit them next o each other one will inspire the other  and despite the lack of roots on 2016, I think he might be inspired to create some :-) 

Meanwhile, I sit in a state of agitated readiness to get back to work tomorrow... there is soooo much work to be done and I'm ready to get going. 

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