The second half of life..

By twigs

West Coast

Early-ish wake then cruisey breakfast.  Nice to be able to relax with nothing in particular on the agenda :)  Have continued in cruise mode all the way through to Bruce Bay - a place I've often wanted to stay but haven't (it's not a designated camping spot but, with 2 other vans already parked up here when I arrived, I decided I'd make it 3).  So here I am right on on the water's edge of one of New Zealand's top 10 most loved beaches (extra).

The journey today saw me almost run out of diesel and arrive just minutes after not one but two accidents (one camper van reversed into a ditch and one unknown accident on one of the Coast's (in)famous one lane bridges.  That one looked worse - one guy on road side with a bloodied face :( I asked at each scene if they needed help but everything was in hand in each case, so I drove on.  I also had to get off another one of those quirky bridges very quickly after I stopped to take this pic along a remote (I thought) part of the country (I parked off the bridge and returned on foot with tripod and camera.)  Minutes later a police car complete with flashing lights and blaring siren approached very quickly so I hot footed it off the bridge tout de suite, not wanting him to have to slow down for me.

A very pleasant day despite the (some may say) typical West Coast wetness.

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