Enjoyed a bit of counting boat club payins while the gals twittered in the front room, before taking myself off to pay in said payins. Except the Bank branches were shut. Something I should have known from a previous life. It seems a long time ago.
So, I stayed uptown, had a coffee, and talked to a pal who does catering about possibilities for the daughter’s wedding if we were to go for a certain old kirk in the heart of Embra.
And then a movie - The Measure of a Man at the Filmhouse. One of their ’10 from 16’ series of their heidbummer’s favourites. Very powerful indeed without trying to make the obvious point (so at the opposite end of the spectrum from Ken Loach and much more effective, I’d say) - as it says - a veritable masterclass in understated humanism. I may do a bit of that this year in my blips. Where’s that iPhone?

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