Collared Dove

Awful night's sleep last night. Felt very tired all day and did not do much work at all. It's a good job I am all up to date with work now and can work from home, so am able to take an "old lady" nap in the afternoon :)

Managed to see quite a few birds out of the window today whilst I was daydreaming working - chaffinches(lots of them), blue tits, great tits, even a long tailed tit, a few goldfinches, blackbirds, a robin, a wren, a female blackcap(I think), a couple of starlings, many pigeons and a few collared doves. Surprisingly there were no squirrels or Jays today, even though I'd put out plenty of peanuts.

Will catch up with your journals at some stage this week when I am feeling a bit brighter.

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