Sunrise at Killingworth Lake

Just a quick blip today as it's a busy one. One of my brothers and his wife are arriving soon to stay with us for a few days, which is lovely and will help us to get over the quietness of the house now that the offspring (and Mum-in-Law)  have left after their Christmas stay!

I've blipped this scene before but I thought it was worth blipping it again as it looked particularly pretty as I walked past this morning on my way to the Leisure Centre for a swim (no, I didn't plan to join the ducks etc in the lake itself, especially as part of it was frozen over!).

(Shock, horror! - I didn't have my new camera with me , but I did have my phone.)

I expect blipper yeeeeed will particularly like it as she used to live in that neck of the woods :-))

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