Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Very red ...

No Wise Men photos, I'm afraid; not a camel in sight, nor a guiding star. I left my phone at home when I went out to the Epiphany eucharist after a somewhat disordered day, and then Blip was on the blink when it came to posting time. But there was this soup ...

I had in my fridge 4 rather unprepossessing beetroots and three carrots, one of which was impressively large. I had an onion, I had a tin of tomatoes. BBC good food happened to have a recipe that fitted perfectly. Grating the beetroot sounded interesting till I remembered I had an attachment for the blender - the kitchen still looked like the charnel-house again, but it was quick.

There are some spices in the soup - cumin, ginger, cinnamon. I tarted it up with yogurt and parsley. It was - and is - entirely delicious. 

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