Twenty-five Fountains

So hard to choose a photo for today's blip from the oodles I took today! We did an all-day levada walk led by a mountain guide from 'Pride of Madeira' tours. (He's the guy pictured in one of my Extras with the Madeiran Chaffinch on his hand, and the grey wagtail.) He whistles the birds and they immediately appear. Then he feeds them cracker-biscuit crumbs. Lots of trout came, too, when we reached the pool that's fed by (at least) 25 fountains at Rabaҫal. Here's Mr PP watching the biggest fountain.

A minibus picked up a multi-national group of walkers from half a dozen or so different hotels at 9.00am, and drove us to great heights above a goodly number of clouds. Then we began our walk along two levada routes - first, the Levada do Risco, leading to the Levada das 25 Fontes. Fabulous scenery - paths wide and narrow, lots of steps - up and down, bridges, a tunnel, and finally the mini-bus 'home' again, stopping at a coffee shop on the way back. It was a super day out, and should ensure we sleep well tonight.

My other Extra is one of many mountain views that I took from the bus as we drove to the starting point of our four-hour walk.

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