Wheel or something pertaining to a wheel

K and Brian have gone to Camera de Lobas to se the the big cake - allegedly 130 metres long.  Elaine and I have elected to do some more chilling.  After a quiet day yesterday my cold is on the mend but still coughing well.

Elaine set us photographers a challenge and this year's challenge is wheels  - gears - pivotal etc.  This wheel. is part of the lampshade design and hopefully  fits the remit.  MY extra is the hibiscus taken on our afternoon walk yesterday.  It was interesting to se the changes rom last January to the lido area.  It has been run down for many years but is now open and looking very smart.  They seem to be doing a lot of work around Funchal.

Don't know much about the big cake - we have never heard about it in the years we have been coming but no doubt KG and Brian will enlighten us

Have a good Sunday everybody 

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