The Clouds are Lifting

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Had a busy day today with excellent results. In the morning I had a fasting blood test to prepare for my annual physical that takes place after my trip. Then I went to Silverado to see Arvin and bring some photos and a painting to hang on his room walls. Now he has Venice all around him. I spent some time with him and sat with him while he got his hair cut. And I settled my bill so we are set for the month of January.

From there I drove to Dr. Brinson's office and he and his wife, the dental assistant who works with him, fixed the small chip in my tooth. Next I went home and had some lunch and made a few calls.

Steve came by at 2:30 and took me to the retinologist's office for what was supposed to be my final checkup. Turned out I needed a bit of a touch up with the laser. I am now set to go. The bubbles are all gone so I can fly. So day after tomorrow I take off for Belize. Yippee!

Tomorrow I pack and take care of the last few errands. I am so happy this all worked out well and I am able to go on my trip. I read that I won't have any reliable wifi while I'm traveling so there is a good chance I'll be quiet on Blip for a couple of weeks and will return and back blip my photos from the trip. If I do end up in an internet cafe and am able to upload, I'll post a few photos along the way.

I am finally feeling like the ordeal is almost over and soon I'll be off to sun and blue green water. Ahhh. Sounds like such a delightful way to spend two winter weeks.

Again thanks for all your good wishes.

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