Seven Years Today

It won't come up as an anniversary because I've blipped so many back blips, but it was seven years ago today that I first started to blip. And here I am, completely hooked on doing a photo and a journal entry every day. I've missed three in all this time. I had no idea I would do that.

I took this photo this afternoon while the sun was streaming into our dining room. Right now it is dark, windy and very cold outside. Tomorrow I take off for Belize. I'll land in Atlanta around midnight, get a short night's sleep at a hotel, and head off to Belize on Thursday morning.

I checked the weather and it will be warm (and rainy) in Belize most of the days I'll be there. Here it will be very cold (and sunny) while I'm gone. That's a switch. 

Steve, Helena and I had dinner with Arvin at Silverado this evening. He is quite confused and has lost his glasses somewhere. Steve is taking his backup glasses over to him tomorrow. It was sad to see that Arvin seems adrift at Silverado. I wish I had more stamina and could have him stay home longer. Sadly, i am very weary from the caring and from experiencing his gradual decline. When I told him I was going for two weeks and would visit again when I got back, he didn't say a word about coming home. I think he realized that Silverado is his home now. Now that my eye isn't taking all my attention, I am beginning to recognize the depth of my sadness and compassion for him. And for me.

While we were at Silverado we watched President Obama's farewell speech. I will miss him mightily come the 20th of January. He is a fine intelligent man with wisdom and grace. I thought his speech was excellent. I really have very little trust in the new administration but I do admire Obama's encouraging us all the do what we can to keep our democracy strong and viable. And to try our hardest to understand what those who disagree with us are all about. And to find the things that we have in common. Right now I can't think of any with the new administration. But I will try to keep my eyes open for something we can agree on.

Turns out there is some wifi where I'm going so I'll try to blip whenever I can. What I miss I'll back blip when I get home. Not sure when I'll be back online. So in the meantime, enjoy your lives; keep on blipping; and experience the beauty and interest in everything around you.

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