Where's BikerBear ..........

 .............. Now?  (WBBN)

Day 2/19

A postcard from .................

Leaving on plane 2 ............ definitely not damp and foggy-ish like yesterday!!

Spent 4 hours in today's airport on a layover - would have been longer but last night's flight was delayed - thank heavens for VIP lounges and my membership card!!

Managed to snag a seat just behind the wing this time - not perfect but better than yesterday.  Despite pre-booking they changed my window seat to an aisle seat but was able to waffle my way back to a window one again.

This may be slightly trickier to guess than yesterday but am sure you'll manage the region if not the city.

~ Anni ~

Backblipped 10th January 2017 - wi-fi issues and tiredness.
I already have my photo for Tuesday 10th but will wait to post it until late tonight or early tomorrow ..... give you chance for a guess or two!

BTW - FlowerFriday13 this week - no twists - just lovely flowers please.

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