Where's BikerBear ..........

 ................ Now?   (WBBN)

Day 3/19

A postcard from .................

Thrilled is not the word!!  I have a smile a mile wide.
When I go anywhere "tropical" I always look out and hope for a "room gecko" (aka room lizard, room chitchat - whatever you like to call them) ...... they eat the insects and it's nice to have a holiday pet!!!    

In the halls leading to my room there are many but imagine how I feel to have a "room monkey"??  Wild, not captive.   BIG smiles.   

To be perfectly honest he's not actually IN my room (which is probably a good thing) but when I walked out the door this morning there he was, sitting in the tree, right opposite me - eye level.  Had he stretched out a long arm and I had stretched out my arm we could have held hands!
I didn't, of course.
Oh - and he makes a GREAT blip.

Thank you for your guesses so far - will now reveal that #1 was Heathrow Airport in London and will tell you where #2 was tomorrow.

~ Anni ~

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