The gypsy blacksmith's wife shows off her bangles

Another lovely day playing with clay (see extra) but I also went walkabout and met up with the gypsy blacksmith and his wife who obligingly showed off her bangles.  In the past the upper arm ones would have been ivory and very valuable. The wife used to be a dancer and her husband still sings when he has musicians with him. There was a small school nearby with the children seated on the ground in the garden and the teacher on a plastic picnic chair – the gate was firmly locked to prevent their escape and my entry.  Join me on my walk
 Yesterday's link is now live too.

There were some great entries but my choices for hearts from Derelict Sunday 63 are:
a timely reminder of what is landing up in our oceans 
an example of what we all become in time   
a submarine relic  - how brave submariners are 
for the missing wall copings 
 for a brilliant find and caption 
For next Sunday please tag your entry DS64

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