More exploring in Melbourne

Still without a Myki card, we got on the bus again for free and promised to by one. Chinatown was our first point of call, it was quite surreal, without any marker, you suddenly realise that everything around you is in Chinese and all the shops are aimed at the Aisian market. As soon as it starts, it ends, and you’re back in Melbourne.
We browsed around a small shop selling amazing (but eye wateringly expensive) Dr Zeus art; followed by a breathtaking street performance by Rueben dot dot dot, a master of the 17ft Chinese poll, his finale was performing a 1 handed handstand 360 spin whilst 17ft above the concrete – with no safety measures!
Charlotte and I spent a few hours in Australian Centre for Moving Image. It house exhibitions, archives, screenings, and a museum all dedicated to the moving image. In the museum, we followed the progression from the early pioneers of moving image, right through to the present day, all with an Australian twist. My favourite was a spinning carousel with many static models on; when a strobe flickered at the correct frequency, it fools your brain into thinking the models are moving.

Meeting up with Katie’s friends again, we had a snack in a café in a small alleyway, before parting ways for the final time.

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