Waking up to Whiteness

The promised storm with much snow and wind hadn't arrived by midnight so I was a little dubious but the Swedish met office were right (of course), even if their timing was a little out.
When I woke up this morning and opened the blind this is the sight I saw.  Virtually everything covered in the wet and sticky snow. Fortunately our neighbour had done his stuff with his tractor and cleared the driveway.
Our pine tree has shed a couple of branches because the weight of the new snow was just too much.
Temperatures were around 0°C so it was pleasant to go out for a walk.
The new snow is very slippery, especially when it's compressed.  The school bus stopped to let a couple of kids off and then couldn't get any traction and slid sideways towards the ditch. (See HarlingDarling's extra.) About 45 minutes later, aided by large quantities of grit, the bus pulled back on to the road and continued its  mission to deliver all the kids back to their homes.
Even if it causes a few problems I do love the snow and am always happy to see more arriving - hooray!

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