By the Canal

Day four hundred of Miss E's holiday today and after we dropped Miss L off we carried on to Mrs A's house for a cup of tea and a walk with the dogs.
Archie is much better in the car now - no longer relegated to the boot he travels in regal comfort on the front seat and is MUCH happier.
Unfortunately today he got into the car a bit too soon after breakfast and soon after we dropped Miss L off at school he started making that lovely heaving noise which signifies breakfast's about to make a reappearance!!
I swerved into a lay by but it was too late. Bless him!
He was fine afterwards and slept all the way to Mrs A's. Where he met two new dogs -  Monty, a beautiful Portuguese water dog - the biggest dog Archie has ever seen!! - and  Mabel the labradoodle.
After a cup of tea we headed out for a walk along the canal. Mr K had been wittering on talking about the rain this morning as if there was a Biblical tempest on the way. Miss E and I had rolled our eyes - metaphorically and actually!
As we set off on our walk it wasn't raining and we were telling Mrs A how ridiculous Mr K had been. Obviously, at the furthest point of our walk the heavens opened, it chucked it down and we got soaked. 
I told Miss E we just wouldn't mention it to Mr K!!!
Princess E was towed along the tow path on her scooter this morning by Mrs A which she thought was brilliant. And I didn't have to worry about her scooting into the canal!!
Soaking wet and freezing we went back to Mrs A's for more tea and hot chocolate. While Mrs A and I chatted Miss E played on her iPad and ate KitKats!
Unfortunately her iPad fell off the sofa when she stood up and fell onto the stone floor. We thought she'd got away with it and I lectured her about putting it back in its case. All of a sudden she started bawling having noticed that the screen was in fact cracked in the corner. She was wailing about how cross Daddy was going to be. Completely inconsolable.
I told her it was just an accident. And blamed the stupid sofa and the stupid stone floors!!
Back to rock climbing tonight. It was nice to see Mrs E again and pick up where we left off before Christmas - drinking tea and chatting for an hour and a half.
When we got home Miss E got upset before we got out of the car about how cross Daddy was going to be about her iPad. I said that she didn't have to rush in and tell him but - to her credit - she said in her small voice "He has to know!"
I had about ten seconds to desperately signal to Mr K not to over react and to be nice before she told him. He took it pretty well!!

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