A Few of Miss L's Favourite Things

I love this picture! 
This is the top of Miss L's desk tonight. Crammed with things that make her her and make me smile.
Monkey is her favourite toy - has been for just over six years since Nanny bought him for her for Christmas.
Miss L LOVES making things out of paper, card, loo roll, pipe cleaners...... Anything she can get her hands on. She loves the engineering challenges presented by making clothes and shoes. And crowns, bags, jewellery and envelopes. The more tiny bits of paper she can scatter in her wake the better!!
She loves drawing; she wears sandals with socks (despite my threats to disown her if she doesn't stop doing it!!); she accumulates money - notes and coins!; she watches CBeebies on her iPad. Or Netflix. Often at the same time as playing Minecraft and listening to Harry Potter.
She loves her board games - current favourites are Jungle Speed, Mastermind, Uno and Guess Who.
Obviously she took the photo herself which is why her feet are in it!!
Even the sight of a tiny bit of her tiny feet makes me smile!

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