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By Chocolatelover

Little green mantis

on Dave's arm. Finally we found this mantis, Dave has been looking for him on every flowers he found, he looked closely every flowers.

Today i started the day at 5am, prayed, took a shower, prepared before Dave picked me up at my hotel. He arrived at 6.15am, we went to his place by his bike. We did a blip safari morning, started 6.45am. We walked to fields, in there he introduced me to his friends, many insects, bugs, butterflies. From this place he got many beautiful shots, i was amazed with all his friends, i got many shots, so difficult to choose which one photo that i'll upload to blip. hah..
On our way back, we saw two snakes. They seemed like fighting, cuddling or mating? I don't know exactly what they were doing, but i do know exactly what i did when i saw the snakes, i was standing right behind Dave, didn't want to stand close the snakes, i was scared. But hey Dave is a brave man, he took his camera and photographed the snakes, i think he got many shots of them. And yes he got awesome shots, you can check his blip, here . Not only a brave man, he is a nice, friendly man and a great photographer. The blip safari is done around 9.30am, then we went to a place which sell chicken porridge, we both were starving, hadn't eaten breakfast. After breakfast, Dave dropped me off to the hotel and said goodbye. Thank you Dave for the fab and fun blip safari, it was very nice to meet you.

You can see the OTHER SHOTS of our blipmeet on my flickr account .

And also, if you have time to spare, my backblips are starting here :
Hanging out
A girl with
Thank you! x

Hope you all had a great Sunday and weekend! x


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