Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Ballet Mum

So we got up early and headed to the Rambert Ballet School in Twickenham where Carys had been invited to audition in an associate class for a place with a company called Ballet Boost. I thought she was going to be 90mins but she was requested to stay for the full three hours doing both the junior and the Mid 2 class.

So what could I do for three hours? Well normally I would have said it wouldn't have been a problem but this morning it was chucking it down. Twickenham was miserable, Richmond not much better and very little was open before 11am, hence I ended up in Starbucks. I suppose there are worse ways to while away the time.

Back to pick her up and she was grinning. She had loved every minute of it and was told she would find out in a couple of days. So the waiting began.

Back home the boys were still in PJ's (my sort of Sunday) and playing games. Daddy went off to rest, kids played games and then when they ate tea I managed to squeeze in a run.

Both were tired but neither went to sleep easily. Hopeful tomorrow night will be better.

About 30mins after C went to sleep I got an email offering Carys a place on the BB Associate program at Mid2 with the offer of doing the junior class too if she wishes. I am so so pleased for her. I can't wait to tell her in the morning. It will be such a boost to her confidence and can only do her good. So a proud Mama is going to be spending more time in Richmond in the future. Here's hoping for dry Sundays!

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