Living off the land

I'm not sure we'll be able to stop our grocery shopping just yet. Still, it is lovely to be able to nibble on the little offerings our garden gives us!

Mr B got this strawberry - now we've all had one each.

Little Miss and I did some baking today. She was very unimpressed with my raw slice - prunes, chia seeds, almonds and dark chocolate. She much prefers the caramel slice she's busy whipping up in the kitchen as I type. She's becoming so much more independent these days. She picks a recipe and has a go at it. If there's something really hot or she's nervous about a step, she just asks and I advise; then she's back into it.

It's been a hot day today and promises to be hotter tomorrow, with an overnight low of about 21 degrees. We've got the fans and the air con on in the living area, and we'll most likely have them on in the bedroom tonight. I'll have to get up early tomorrow to take Cousteau for a decent walk before it gets too warm. Crazy Aussie weather!

Night all.


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