Buddy's Habit *

The only sense that it was blue Monday for me was that I took my beloved blue S2000 for new rear Adrenalin tyres, which injected some. Got to hold back a bit for the first hundred miles.

On the way home I saw a beautiful dog running on its own in farmland near a local stud. I went down a private road, that I've driven before when looking for moon shot spots, in the hope of photographing the dog and finding out if it was lost. When I got to the gates of the stud a man was sitting in his car and the dog approached it. Turns out that they habitually do this. He lets Buddy out of the car when he reaches the private road so that he can have a lovely run. The dog obviously adores it. I asked if I could take Buddy's pic and enquired what breed he is. The man said that he had sent the dog's DNA off and had got the results in the post this morning. I said I thought it had some Rhodesian Ridgeback in its make-up. He was surprised as nobody else had suggested that. The dog is one quarter RR. :) Buddy's master comes from the nearby manor where they hold polo matches and he has taken my number as he would like me to go and take pics. I'm very excited about that.

Today's poem is Edmund Spenser's Sonnet LXXV. https://www.eecs.harvard.edu/~keith/poems/amoretti75.html

Spenser was correct, his verse has eternised his wife's virtues. Spenser met his second wife when he was living in County Cork. I love it that I have probably seen the very strand where he wrote her name in the sand in Cheeryoscuro's gorgeous beach images. :)

* A jazz standard that MrQ often plays. There is some debate about what habit the Buddy in question had. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoYr5PGhJzA

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