Nadgee expedition day 3

Packing up camp and heading back the way we had come 2 days earlier, now with slightly lighter bags, we had one thing on our mind: water. Plan was to get to a ford on the map, and hope it had running water in that we wouldn’t have to boil; with only enough fuel to cook dinner and breakfast, this was important. The creek was running, slowly, but we risked that it was fast enough not to need boiling. Refilled all our water holders and continued on, spending lunch at the warm lake we passed on day 1, now with no other parties. Lots of spiky looking spiders and another snake.

As the evening drew on, we became increasingly confident that the creek water wasn’t going to poison us, which was very lucky, as we discovered that there was no fresh water at all at this campsite. Learnt a lot about the additional challenge of expeditions in low water environments!

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