Nadgee expedition day 4

At the far end of the beach that we camped at are a couple of spectacular caves in the sea cliffs, only accessible at low tide (12:20). We left camp at 10:30 and arrived at the cliff base by 11, fortunately the tide was already low enough for us to scramble around the rocks and explore the caves. The first was a large flat roofed cave supported by a pillar. Amazing colours of the plants growing on the walls. I scrambled around the coast a bit more and found the second cave, this one very different in character. A 2m wide, 15m high crack reaching perhaps 50m deep inside the cliff, very dark at the back! It smelt a lot too, however only once we looked up did we discover why, all the ceilings were covered by colonies of flies! Eurgh! After about 90mins exploring, we began the walk back to Henry, which was quite a laborious affair, as we’d only got a single 750ml bottle of water each for the entire day, and by 2pm we were all very thirsty!

In the evening, we camped at a free campsite, and met Stew and Ella - on their way back to Melbourne after spending New Year’s partying in Sydney. They had a car full of all the left-over alcohol and were very willing to share with us. A great evening and always fun to get to know new people.

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