By Purko


Much like Edinburgh, Sydney has for many years held a month-long festival over summer, so we are keen to see as much as possible whilst we’re hear.
We caught an early ferry to the CBD, and then out to Manly, an outer suburb on the north side of the harbour with ocean beaches. We ran to North head, which is one of the most heavily fortified places in Australia, it includes a lot of interesting warm memorials. Great views back towards the city. There were some serious spiders that had constructed webs spanning at my head height across the trails which was not ideal in the slightest. Apparently Manly has a colony of penguins… we saw none. After lunch, we ran the scenic walk from Manly to Spit, which was very different from the mornings run, with just a narrow footpath winding through the bush which was great fun.

Next on the agenda was a free exhibition called “Exit” in Sydney Uni’s art gallery. It was prepared for the Paris 2015 climate conference, and was very interesting. Graphically representing lots of statistics about economics/migration/climate change etc. Walking back through Hyde park we arrived at the Sydney festival village. A 50% of ticket sale was about to start but we had already booked a show for the following evening. We got confused in the mirror maze, before calling it a day and getting the ferry back to Woolwhich – but only after getting a big milkshake first.

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