By Purko


A trip to Sydney wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Bondi beach. This was the start of our jog to Coogee beach, 6km further down the coast. Another completely different run, very busy with lots of people; but still scenic, ascending over headlands and running around small beaches. At Coogee we cooled off in a sea pool, which due to the high tide had the waves crashing into it, exciting.
Returning to the CBD, we hoped to go to another free event “The Beach”, an underground concrete hangar filled with over 1.1million plastic balls. However the queue was about 90mins and we didn’t have the patience to stand in it. Instead we spent the 2 hours exploring “the rocks” – Sydney’s old town, which has a very British feel about it and finding two geocaches.

Humans is a circus show performed by the 10 person group “Circa”. Stepping off the train in Parrammatta it was hot, really hot, Jenny said it was the hottest she has ever experienced it! We collected our tickets and then collapsed in the park in the shade. Charlotte saw what she thought was a large bird, but was in fact just one of many huge bats! The show was performed in a large air conditioned tent, however, half way through the show the air con broke and it got very hot. Unpleasant for us, but dangerous for the performers! It was incredible, they all demonstrated unbelievable strength and control despite the sweaty conditions. Building several 3 person towers, and one 4 person tower!

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