Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

OK; where do I start?

This isn't a roll of old-fashioned cine film (although if I stretched a point, I could add cinema projectionist to my CV having helped out a couple of times many years ago). No, it's a roll of LED strip lighting. I have a kitchen display cabinet which is supposed to be illuminated by a couple of halogen lamps at the top. One of them has never worked properly; it's virtually impossible to get the bulb into the fitting which means that at best it flickers but most of the time it is simply off (see extra #1). I decided I would replace them with strips of LED's inside the cabinet so today I set to the task. It was actually easier than I expected with only a couple of exceptions; the supplied connectors to attach the strip to the wire were poor; the wire would not stay in so I needed to hold them together with insulating tape. And when I did the first test nothing happened, as one of the wires in the junction box had come loose. But they are now up and running (see extra #2) and I'm feeling quietly pleased with myself, even if it did take me all day.

Thanks for all the comments on my egg cups yesterday! I'm behind on comments again so will catch up later his week.

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