By scribbler

After 40 days & 40 nights, God repented

and took pity on icebound Portland. 
And there was winter, and there was spring.

Clockwise, from upper left.
The air was almost balmy! 34ºF. I set out in hope.
1. Behold, the ice is melting! Not that footing wasn't the most treacherous yet.
2. At the Post Office, first visit in over a week. The palm tree, though shielded by an alcove, seems to have had a hard time. But behold! This little tree is bursting forth with red wands of new growth, accolades to spring.
3. Rain begins, and suddenly birds appear. This robin is shaking raindrops from its feathers. Some say robins may overwinter here, but I haven't seen any until now. Seems a harbinger of milder weather.
Extra: The robin finds something to eat.
4. Me, too. Hot Lips Pizza. Brandon seems lost in thought, perhaps dreaming of sunnier, warmer climes.

And so to bed home again. I had been hoping to take more of a walk, but the combination of rain and slippery ice gave me pause. Phoned Honda to inquire what I could do to help my undriven car get going again. They said my 100-month battery was only 34 months old, so just warm up the engine and I should be okay.

Now, awaiting floods from all this rain and all this ice. I sure hope God repents of that!

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