Sunday School

History's not normally my thing; the only thing that stuck with me from the lessons at school was how the teacher had the hairiest forearms and hands I'd ever seen. Shame for her really.

But we've such a rich heritage around locally you can't help but absorb in some snippets over time. Nothing like this expert though.

I'd stopped off to take some photos around the Old Logie Kirk and it's cemetery (to be honest, having huffed and puffed my way up there, it was a great excuse to rest and stop my heart from trying to burst out of my chest cavity) and ended up having an enjoyable history lesson from Amy here. Along with other keen volunteers throughout July and August, she has been conducting tours around the ancient graveyard and explaining what all the carvings on the aged stones mean. Thoroughly charming and so enthusiastic she was I came away much more knowledgeable about the kirk and its gravestones.

Go on, ask me anything...

Thanks for this today Amy (I hope that's the right spelling), both the history lesson and for being a willing subject for my blip. Drop us an email if you like and I'll send over a copy the photo.

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