A bit of a haircut

Photography class this morning and then a trip back to MK to return a top which did nothing for me.  Another mooch around the swimwear department and settled for a Tankini in size 8 for the lower half and a size 12 top.  I have never in my life been a 12 except when I was 12 obv., but no way could I get my head and arms into anything smaller and there was no way I could pull it up over TWO legs. 

For the bemused chaps, A Tankini is a lady's swimsuit without the lower section but which comes with a pair of matching knickers.  I know we'd say pants over here but for any Americans who drop by I don't want to confuse the issue.

The conservation group have been pruning the apple trees "over the back fence" and strimming away all last year's weeds wild flowers.  A good job done.

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