Squiffy Eyes

A visit to the osteopath this morning after failing to turn up on the appointed day last week.  Another session should see the problem with the sciatic nerve finally sorted and then I'll just go every couple of months for an MOT.

I dropped into the local post office to purchase some American Dollars for our forthcoming holiday.  The exchange rate did make me gulp somewhat, such a different rate from twelve months ago.  Swings and roundabouts really though as we have shares in GE, a big American company and the dividends are rather good now the pound has dived.

I've just seen a drone fly over the house and was wondering whether our neighbour, who works for Amazon, was practicing parcel drops.  Apparently not as it didn't stop and I didn't hear anything land.

Apologies for the picture but it's Abstract Thursday with the theme being Impressionism.

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