A day on the high seas

An early start by taxi, taking us to St John's harbour for our catermarran trip. Shall I, shan't I take a seasick tablet? Yes I decided, which turned out to be a good move as the sea was extremely turbulent for a great deal of the excursion. As soon as we set off the heavens opened and everyone bar JJ and I got soaked. I had remembered to pack a couple of waterproof ponchos, which we've had for years and never used. Smug didn't cover it.

Later in the morning we pulled into a remote cove, where some went off snorkelling whilst the rest of us
lounged about in the now brilliant sunshine or stood in the water admiring the variety of fish.

A busy, tiring but very satisfactory day.

Thanks for the feedback yesterday and here's another simple picture for you today. Tomorrow we are venturing back to Nelson's dockyard for lunch and a longer look around.

ps. Three cruise ships were in harbour today. I've never seen anything as massive as they were and they confirmed my view that I was not ever going cruising.

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