I've found Jack heron fishing in the far corner of our neighbour's lake and photographed him taking off for many days running. Not today as the lake was frozen over. I spotted him from a distance, perched in the thuggish leylandii hedge, sunbathing and twiddling his thumbs. :)

It was so beautifully sunny that I went bug-hunting on the south-facing wall of number thirteen glasshouse. I was hoping for jumping spiders. None around but I was pleased to find a fat hairy caterpillar to herald the bug togging season. :) Lovely sunset this evening, I went to Rye Hill and just caught it. (Extras)

Today's poem is Praise Song For My Mother by Grace Nichols.

As soon as I read of the plantain I guessed that GN was probably from the Caribbean. She is from Guyana and the poem is in the style of traditional African-Caribbean paeans. I like the simple un-gushing style. I've Googled the "flame tree" and it really is wide-spreading, a beautiful protective umbrella. The second part of that verse refers to what we in our family call love on a plate. GN's mother was everything to her and urged her to take on the world.  

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