After a sanguine sunrise, seen only through the bathroom window, the day descended into the now familiar deep grey gloom. Much of it seemed to be spent  shopping, for food and other sundry items , including a new lightweight jacket for Pete, as the zip had broken in his old one. 

There was little of any interest to photograph, but this collared dove posed quite nicely in the Viburnum x bodnantense.  It's sometimes hard to believe that these prettily understated birds are relative newcomers to the British fauna, having first colonised the UK in the 1950's. They are now almost ubiquitous in suburbia, and we currently have a very large flock in the garden, attracted by the seed that Pete throws out every morning. So far our peak count is eighteen.

Many thanks for all the stars and hearts for yesterday's reflection. We seem to have had a dearth of still, calm conditions and interesting skies this winter.

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