Burton Agnes Hall

Thanks to Carol Klein on Friday's Gardener's World we decided to drive out to Burton Agnes Hall today to see their gardens for ourselves. We took a wander around the Hall which was full of artworks collected through the generations of the Cunliffe-Lister family and then enjoyed the walled gardens.

On the top floor of the house there is a beautiful, airy long gallery with an arched ceiling. I thought the children of the house would have great fun running and sliding here. It took me back to when mum would fasten dusters on our feet and Bob and I would polish the parquet floor! These days the long gallery houses a collection of artworks, including some commissioned by the present incumbents.

I had thought of uploading this piece of modern art which gave an interesting view of the gallery. The artist made a cast of part of the decoration on the front of the Hall and then used a section of the moulding to create this piece. I must say I don't like it, I can see three scary faces in there!

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