Look, there's the moon!

Nestled in the finest cottonwool the moon began to rise, passing over the ocean in secret as the sun was far too bright, looking down upon the pointed fingers of the cabbage tree leaves rustling in the wind, as if to say 'Look, there's the moon'.

I did try to capture the cabbage tree leaves pointing to the moon, but the wind was too quick and the moon was too small, another day of looking up.

Remembering Neil Armstrong 5 August 1930 - 25 August 2012.

A day of jobs, some gardening, lawn mowing, washing drying on the outside line and lots of tidying. Its been warmish, the wind a little blustery and cool but lots and lots of sun with blue sky.

Its been a good day, Roast chicken, herb and garlic roast veges in the oven for tea with a glass of white wine on the side - not bad for a Monday :)

I like this in large :)

A mild day, 19C with a cooler wind from the south.

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