... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Gloucester Green: Preparing Paella

More colourful and caliente in large.

I really struggled to choose my blip today...
I went to the Gloucester Green market first thing (before sunrise) to photograph it setting up, but just got thoroughly chilled through, and arrived too early to see much action (although)...
I returned on my way into town later in the day (wearing many more layers), and had fun photographing the market stalls; this chap noticed me photographing his cooking, and asked whether I'd mind take some action shots for his website! I didn't mind at all, and found it a fun opportunity (/slightly hair-raising); I still think I prefer the candid approach to the more self-aware one, but it made for a rather different photographic experience, and I resumed normal operations afterwards...

As well as the market and a blackbird, I photographed quite a few cyclists in motion: inc. chilly ankles, keeping warm, cycling into the sun, much motion, and en route to a game.

My other photos from today can all be found on Flickr (right from here), and I've uploaded some of my favourites ("What?!", SteamyLow angleHanding over steaming gyozaMuch motion) as blip extras.

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