Poor Reynard - Good Girl Jazzy

Jazzy and I always stop and have a look inside glasshouse number two on our walks as a pair of wrens live there. I'd just got a shot of one when I saw Jazzy face-to-face with a fox. The fox looked to be in poor condition, which is why it hadn't hot-footed. My heart was in my mouth. Jazzy is twice its size and I was concerned that she might go for it. I called her and the good dog came immediately to my side. We watched the poor thing limp away. 

Until I looked at my pic on screen I was thinking that it probably was suffering from mange but looking at its left thigh and hip I'm wondering if it has been hit by a car. We've put some food in the glasshouse in case it comes back there to sleep tonight.

Today's poem is The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens www.poetryfoundation.org/poems-and-poets/poems/detail/45235

It's a bit tricky but I think I know what he is getting at. Thank Goodness the editors of the book have included this quote from WS on the poem. "I shall explain it as an example of the necessity of identifying oneself with reality in order to understand it and enjoy it." I am a realist. I have no problem with looking at winter in a sense of optimism and beauty.  

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