West Norwood blips

By KandCamera

Lunch stop

After the lovely sunshine of yesterday, today was grey and cloudy in Te Anau. I drove from Te Anau to Cromwell (because Wanaka and Queenstown was fully booked). It was dry for most of the journey and I was able to stop along the way. I had lunch at this lovely spot overlooking the lake south of Queenstown. It was raining when I drove along here a couple of days ago so it was good to see more of the mountains. It started raining between Queenstown and Cromwell and didn’t stop for the rest of the day.

I was sad that I couldn’t go to one of the Women’s Marches held in different cities around the world. When I checked last week there were marches scheduled for Auckland and Wellington but none on the South Island. Then while I was driving today, I heard on the radio someone talking about marches happening in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. If I’d known earlier, I might have been able to arrange my trip so I could go to either the Christchurch or Dunedin one. Instead I’ve been sprinkling stars and hearts on blips of the events. It’s good to see how many blippers marched and have posted shots from all the different places.

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