A whole NEW learning curve.

As you probably know by now, I'm utterly lost without Alice.
She was my native guide when we went shopping because it now takes me at least twice as long to buy half as much, by the time I find it all.
Also, as there were two of us, we bought enough for two and managed to use it. You feel a right pillock buying a carrot, a parsnip, etc.
Clicky's been educating me into facts like you can buy things like this. The down side is they don't bother to add a beetroot, even though I proved, to me, that there would have been ample room, since I added one, top left.
She further educated me into the fact that, while Sainsbury's sell a bunch of 5-6 Beet, I can buy as few as one should I so desire, in Booths.
Life goes on - unfortunately.

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