Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Bamboo drips

There was a certain degree of difficulty in this shot.  We have had a scorcher of a day today, another one over 40C.  I went out at lunch time and I was lucky the soles of my shoes didn't melt on the footpath.  An inferno it was. 

A storm blew in this afternoon  giving us a good drenching and dropping the temperature by about 14C.  I have a potted bamboo where these drips were and there were three jumpers on it.  Of course I became distracted with the jumpers but didn't get a good enough shot of them.  Poor things were nearly drowning in the drips they are so tiny.  I managed to drop my speedlite in a pot which had filled with water and it was completely doused.  I pulled batteries out and have left it to dry out and hopefully no damage has been done.  The other degree of difficulty was that I suspect an armada of mosquitos have hatched and decided I would make a great first feed.  Insect repellent was just the entree and had no effect on their numbers feasting on me.  I gave up in the end and came inside so this is it for Tiny Tuesday.  Picks will be up on Friday.  Entries so far are here

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