Edinburgh Castle sunrise from Fettes

Some days you have the blip in the bag by breakfast-time.

This morning I was awake from 2:00am out of the door by 7:15am so that I could walk to the hospital and be first in line when the X-ray department opened at 8:00am. Unfortunately I was so efficient that I reached the hospital before the GP had sent my referral message following yesterday's consultation. I was sent away and asked to return later :-(

I came home via Glenogle pool, where I swam for about 45 minutes. To be certain that I wouldn't make another wasted visit to the hospital, I called into the doctor's surgery after my swim to confirm that the referral letter had been sent. I also learnt there that I have a choice of venue for my X-ray, one of which is closer to the house than the hospital, so I think I will try that out first thing tomorrow.

My early morning walk had its bonuses: this beautiful sunrise (not from the Meadows for a change!) and a good step count by mid-morning.

I will spend the rest of the day writing and blogging at home.

Exercise today: walking (12,757 steps); swimming (50 lengths at Glenogle).

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