"I can't what?"

Sunday was a "stay home and get things done" sort of day.  I had to beg off of an invite to sit and watch a movie on the couch with The Hubby first thing in the morning.  If I do THAT......nothing will get done.  I will have ZERO energy.  So...instead.....I washed dishes....washed clothes......cleaned this....cleaned that.  

Sugar played with Kiwi in the safety of the empty bath tub.  This is Toby cat feeling "put out" that he can't join them. He wanted to be with his girl....but he will surely eat Kiwi...so it was a no go.  He was not happy.  

We had crab cakes (yum) for dinner, and baths.....and snuggles....and some frowns.  We don't want the weekend to be over.

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