My Favorite Place

Ugh....Monday.  Work went by quickly, then I grabbed Sugar right before swim, and had her go with a friend to see the girls from her school play basketball. She had wanted to see a game, so badly.  It was good that it worked out.  I dropped in at my favorite place...the Library, and took some shots thinking I might get something for "A quiet Moment" challenge...and I rather like this one.....but.......wasn't totally sold.  

I ran to a nearby town for an evening work presentation.  I talked with folks about the importance of child passenger safety in vehicles.  Car seats....booster seats....and what not.  

I got home to find Sugar done with dinner and homework, and she let me try another shot of her in a bright lamplight from the side.  I asked her to go for a peaceful look, and she did GREAT.  The shot I chose for this week's challenge is the EXTRA in this journal.  

Week 4 Creative: Quiet Moment~ Peace. Serenity. Tranquility. Convey a quiet moment.

I had several ideas rolling around in my head....and they didn't pan out when I tried to execute them earlier today. I rather liked a shot I tried late last week with this style of lighting, but it did not seem was more intense. I asked my daughter to try again with me. I asked her to think of something she loves...something that makes her go, "Awe". I was able to capture this calm, and content look on her face. 

Canon 5d Mark IV f3.2, 1/40 shutter (handheld), ISO 2000. Dark room with a light shining on her right. I should have upped the ISO, so the shutter speed would have been faster, but I did fine handheld, focus seems good. I was just in a hurry, and didn't pay attention to how low I put the shutter speed.

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