Gie Her A Haggis!

Loo man came again today and has sorted it, after a fashion. They don't make sanitary ware like they used to. :(

We took Jazzy to Justin the vet, who she loves, and he's very pleased with the site of her operation, we've been advised to keep an eye on it.  I asked a loquacious woman, who was with her little dog and who had a Scottish accent, if she was going to have a wee dram this evening. She asked why and said she had already had one! She didn't know that it's Burns Night.

Today's poem is Up In The Morning Early by Robert Burns.

That's more like it. :) Evidently Robert Burns was exalted and enraptured by walking in the woods in windy, winter weather. John Clare felt the same about the wind.

My pic shows the cheap set of bagpipes that I bought for MrQ ages ago. I think they were made in Pakistan, where bagpipes originated. Pipers say that they haven't got time for women as the pipes have four reeds to keep in harmony. He can play them just well enough to pipe in a haggis wearing his skirt/kilt, tartan pants and the Tam O' Shanter complete with ginger locks - all pictured. Shame he hasn't been booked to do it this year. :) The lovely Haig Club whisky was bought for him by our daughter as blue is his favourite colour. I'd love a nip of it but I'm doing dry January. :(     

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