Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Happy Straylia Day blipmates

I am always one to throw myself into a celebration in an understated way as you can see here.  The Princess thought it was all very funny having a kangaroo and emu on either side of her and the kooka, cockie and lori  were having a standoff at the back.  It's all about inclusion and celebrating what it means to be Australian isn't it!  Our first Australians who have been here for thousands and thousands of years don't always see this particular date as anything to celebrate and there is a movement looking to change the date.  From my point of view, I can see to celebrate on a date commemorating when the first fleet (invaders) arrived is not the best and I am sure there would be another date that would be satisfactory to all.  I rather like this years lamb ad which rather sums it all up.  Good on you cobbers

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