when the sun is rising ...

...try to be up ;-)

 Anyway it was chilly morning. I woke up earlier today. Left my home before 7 am. I reached the top of Arthurs Seat just 20 minutes later than I was planning and expecting. My plan was simple : " be there when blue hour is starting".
But not so late for sunrise when Sun was touching the horizon for the first time ;-)
It was magic. I spent there almost 30 minutes while I was chatting with one Spanish guy from Amsterdam. We had a small talk about travelling. I gave him two tips where to go in Scotland (and not so faraway from Edinburgh). Of course I recommended North Berwick with his Yellowcraig beaches and Arrochar with the well-known Cobbler ;-)

Morning was so beautiful so i just started to collect some rubbish on the hill (along the paths). Hate it. And couldn' t understand persons who are throwing away rubbish (locals or tourists, who knows).

Next time I need to take plastic bag for collecting the rubbish ;-)

Like you could see in the extra photo, my hands were full of stuff ;-)

I' m starting counting:

4 glass bottles
1 plastic bottle
1 energy drink can
1 plastic box

We will see what I' m going to find next time.

Have a good friday everyone.

sound for the blip ;-)

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