Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Red: Reflections

I have a new virus cold and not the energy to walk up hills today.   Darn..  So I had a walk along the lake for some fresh air where this U.S. Coast Guard ship is in dock for repairs…the red on her bow stood out.   Made me think off other connotations of red…that man with the red tie and orange hair in DC.    It’s not been one week and it gets more and more alarming. (IMO)     I’m not inclined to use blip for political rants, (nor am I inclined to rant much, esp. politically)  but after the good feeling and solidarity of the women’s march, what is one to do next?  Lots of suggestions out there in cyberspace, this organization and that.  One is the DC march organizers who have launched “10 actions for the first 100 days”   (HERE)  so I printed my postcards to my senators…with my top concerns for the day. (which to pick from so many??…I picked the astonishingly unqualified EPA director nominee who has yet to be confirmed….for a start…) 

 II’ll go back to photos of art (or grandchildren) tomorrow and feel better!….:-)

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